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I am using usb_modswitch in an embedded environment. Here I prefer to use the modem in cdc_ether mode rather than MBIM mode. I know that I can disable the MBIM check, but this is only on a per device basis. So each time there is a new modem stick with news IDs, I have to go to the individual modem settings an disable the MBIM mode.

Since Huawei, Vodafone seems to come out with new sticks and IDs every few weeks, this is a painful maintenance job ... so I was thinking to write a script which simply adds NoMBIMCheck=1 to all devices.

Another option would be to patch usb_modeswitch.tcl ... but since I am sure I am not the only one which doesn't like the MBIM mode, it would make sense to have a global config switch for this.

... and yes I could disable the cdc_mbim kernel module... but then I found it ugly to place a comment in the blacklist to disable this module due to make usb_modeswitching happy.

This issue bugged me for a while, since each time the modem switched to MBIM mode, I lost my main ethernet connection on a headless raspberry. So I had to extra connect a display and keyboard to the serial line to debug this issue.

Thanks for reading

PS: since the switches are case sensitive it may make sense to report "unknown" switches in the log.

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I'm considering to add a global option that overrides the individual setting.
It should have a different name though, to prevent ambiguities.

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Not sure if you noticed - I've added the global MBIM disable switch in 2.2.2 ...


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