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Sometimes it's usb_modeswitch, sometimes it's usb-modeswitch, and I fear that many potential users fail to make it work because of this inconsistency.

Even if it wouldn't be feasible to alter the code in this respect, I really think that the docs ought to be proof-read and corrected. man usb_modeswitch displays a manual that consequently talks about a program named "usb-modeswitch", and there are errors at this web site as well. On top of that you also use capital letters (USB_ModeSwitch) here.

Besides that, I'd like to express my gratitude for a nice piece of software that seems to handle switching in a robust manner. :)

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The confusion started when the distribution packagers complained about the underscore which was consistently used from the start. Now the packages have the dash and the contained components have the underscore.

Thanks for the hints; I will of course iron out any documentation errors for the next release. As for the capitals, you see that with many projects (WvDial, NetworkManager, UMTSmon, to name only a few). I don't think this will confuse users too much.


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