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I have a Huawei E3531 3G USB modem, i am using usb_modeswitch to make it connect as a serial device and this is working great. However, no network interface is created.

when the modem is converted to a serial device it connects to the internet and creates a session (i can see this using my ISPs remote diagnostic tools). but because a network interface is never created, my Linux box is still without internet. :(

if i wait for about 10 - 15 minutes the modem will eventually disconnect (probably because i have no network interface) and then i can run pppd or wvdial. this will create the ppp0 interface and dial a connection.

How do I make the modem create the ppp0 network interface upon connecting as a serial device? (using usb_modeswitch).

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If you don't get any network interface then I'd guess that you don't have the network card driver but only the serial port driver. Your dmesg system log will show you which driver(s) has attached to the device.


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