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I've been grappling with usb_modeswitch on and off for some time now, and still not understanding how it works.

My goal is to get a Huawei E3372 working on FreeBSD, since it worked effortlessly on Debian - I just clicked on Network Manager and it connected. With Debian I couldn't get a feel for how it worked, so I'm trying figure out how the process works on Arch Linux...

I have two Arch Linux installations, one runs usb_modeswitch and one doesn't. I'd like to know how the program is started on the installation which runs it - I presume that is usb_modeswitch_dispatcher, but how is it invoked?

The E3372 has a Vid/Pid of 12d1:14fe which is changed by usb_modeswitch to 12d1:1506. I've seen a reference to this in /etc/usb_modeswitch.setup but can't figure out when this is read.

If I knew what kicked off usb_modeswitch than I'd be able to switch on logging and see what actually happens.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Be sure to read the usb_modeswitch main doc page (see link at the top) and the Readme files in both program and data source package.


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