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New in 1.0.3:
  • introducing the integrated solution (no user input necessary) as an option
  • improved success check
  • adaptations for automatic configuration, new config parameter "TargetProductList" (file usage only)

Please help, we need a lot more information about how to identify modems (particularly ZTE and Samsung devices) and to send the right command!

There is a sticky thread about device identification here. Remember we are always talking about identifying the unswitched device, so you might have to disable temporarily your switching mechanism.
Post the output of "lsusb -v -d <yourvendorID>" and the "usb_modeswitch" output as described, if your modem is not listed or if the information there is somehow not complete!

If you own a ZTE device (any model), have a look at the list of known commands in this posting and find out which of these are working best for you. Give us these informations together with the ID information mentioned above.

If you own a Samsung SGH-Z810, we just need the ID strings as described in the sticky thread to distinguish it from Option and AnyDATA devices.

Again, we cannot succeed without your help. Think for a moment how USB_ModeSwitch and the support around here has helped you out and consider taking on this little task! Generations of users to come will be eternally grateful for your pioneering work !!

Straight to the Download ...


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