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Thanks a lot for PPP Widget 0.99.

It works fine with Chinese Car DVD Pad - Erisin ES779A + Huawei e3131.

The configuration is as follows:
Google Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread
Ri-CPU: Telechips TTC8803, 1GHz, ARMV7 rev 2 (v7l)
-LCD: 800*480
rooted with SuperOneClick
PPP Widget 0.99
Huawei e3131 USB 3G modem with Aero2 Polish Internet Provider (free internet :D )

PPP Widget connects to internet, browser & google play works fine but ...
(seems there is always a "but") the pad doesn't get IMEI from e3131 modem.
Also the standard android Settings->Wireless & network->Mobile networks is unavailable (grey).
Also there is no "GSM network connection" icon in notification bar.
It looks like there are some telephony or network services missing but somehow internet connection works.

However, the producer - Erisin - says in ES779A's specification:
"3G Universal Drive Support external USB Dongle: WCDMA, EVDO,TD-SCDMA" and they say that

My knowledge of android is pretty poor so maybe some advanced guys will give me a hint what to do to get regular connection that is normally configurable by android settings ant with IMEI. IMEI is needed in particular by commercial GPS applications for registration purposes.
I would appreciate any help.


PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:29 am Reply with quote
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It is important to note that what PPPWidget does is actually not intended to work at all by the OS designers.

The widget is using tricks to make the OS accept a PPP connection that it doesn't know about. So the OS is not really aware of the modem or its properties.

I can't help wondering what the applications you mention will do if they are installed on a WiFi-only device, like a cheap tablet.


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