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For several days I have been trying to connect my TP-Link MA180 usb modem to my tablet (WizTab WT7.0 with ICS 4.0.3 rooted) with no success. Usb modeswitch was successful but when I press "Connect" it will attempt to dial and then hang up. When I checked the log it simply says "Connect Script Failed".

In case you're wondering, I have entered the same settings I used when I connected the MA180 to a Windows PC - same APN, username, password and dialing number. The APN I'm using is a GSM connection, unfortunately where I'm staying there is no telecom company that provides CDMA nationwide yet.

What could have caused it to become that way? Is there a way to amend the script so that it works?

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You should see at least something like "ATZ - OK" in the chat log, even if further commands were failing. So it's not a probem with individual commands.

My suspicion is that the modem port does not respond at all. That in turn would mean that PPP Widget is picking the wrong port.

The TP-Link MA180 has none less than four ports, and two are looking like they can be used for connecting. (Most other modems provide only one suitable port.) PPP Widget picks the first one it can find, which in your case should be "ttyUSB2".
It would be uniqe in the world of known modems, but it's not impossible that the right port is rather "ttyUSB3".

Fortunately, you can test this if you disable the automatic port selection in the configuration. Then enter
"/dev/ttyUSB3" as the port to use.


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