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I'm really curious about MockWifi network, my question is, what is it?how it an be connected to the cellular network while my tablet doesn't recognize the network at all?

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I really don't want to go into much detail here; it may prompt the Android team to close those tiny gaps.

Fact is, it's not intended in the OS to add an external network connection that the system did not initiate itself. This connection may be up and working, but the devs are urged to check for network connection on API level. As long as the OS does not accept the external connection, the API reports "not connected".
Applications that don't bother about asking the API and just try to access the network will have no problems doing so.

For a truly open system, there should be a way to add any interface and designate it as gateway, without having to fumble around in the system files (which I don't do).

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And what about VPN via MockWifi? Some people speak that it doesn't work. I didn't try it, but seeing the work of my ISP with the modem via MockWiFi, I presume that there can be difficulties when creating VPN tunnel.


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