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Radio: Eonon G2150F
Adapter: AT&T Velocity USB 4G
Powered USB Hub: Yes
Root: Kingo
Android v5.1.1

Issue: Connected, No internet.
Note: Cannot edit any configuration information (APN, User Name, etc)

Device manufacturer string: rockchip
Start search for USB devices
visible on Android OS level ...
Check device 0bda:8176, interface 2, might be a modem
Check device 19d2:1405, interface 2, might be a modem
Found possible 3G USB device 19d2:1405
New device on /dev/bus/usb/002/010
Class of interface 0 is 0x02
Looking at USB device 19d2:1405 with class 2
Device top dir: /sys/bus/usb/devices/2-, active cfg: 1
Active configuration ID: 1
Device layout (config 1) - cl:02 sc:00 pr:00
if:0 as:0 - cl:02 sc:06 pr:00 - ir:82
if:1 as:0 - cl:0a sc:00 pr:00 -
if:1 as:1 - cl:0a sc:00 pr:00 - bi:81 bo:01
if:2 as:0 - cl:08 sc:06 pr:50 - bi:83 bo:02

Found 0 serial ports
Opening port type ECM

Jun 9, 2017 10:19:49 AM

Starting DHCP request ...
> Phase 3
NAK received
> Phase 1
OFFER received
> Phase 3
ACK received
> Phase 9
< (ARP, connection confirmed)
Local IP:
Peer IP:

End of DHCP negotiation
Android VPN creation complete
VPN network device is up
Network notification accepted after 900 ms

Connection is ready

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pppwidget does not support car radios, they have built in 3G support which interferes with pppwidget.
Use the built in 3G support and pick a 3G modem from the manufacturers supported devices list.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:08 pm Reply with quote
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Your modem seems to provide an ECM port. That means you usually control the modem through a built-in web page. No APN or user data input required.

PPP Widget has an option to open the browser automatically with that web page. Did you disable that?
If that does not work, try to open the address with your browser manually after connecting with PPP Widget.

Note that in this case, the PPP Widget message "Connected" refers to a working connection with the modem, not immediately with the Internet. Again, you have to initiate the "dialling" through the modem's web interface.


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