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I hope you are still working this, as it seems like a great widget.

I have an Acer A500 with a custom rom to allow USB 3g modems. (ICS 4.0.3)
A Sprint USB 250U 3g/4g modem
The tablet sees the modem and installs the modem with the correct drivers. Your widget sees the modem when plugged (only after a reboot), I have tried a few basic things listed below, was hoping for some more help.

Set usr name and APN to what i could find on the web (so many different answers).
Set dialing to #777 as stated somewhere
added and left blank user and password fields.

I get this error almost everything i try, once I got no message at all.

Connect script failed

I have the widget set to Auto port selection at this time. your help would be appreciated, i would love to use this next week while on a business trip.

*** some APN info I have found:
<apn carrier="CDMA" mcc="310" mnc="120" apn="1" mmsc="" type="default,supl" />
apn="internet" apn=""
apn="" pw=1234567890

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A little Google search has brought up this: ... bug/459052

Seems like you have a Wavecom modem. As a quick fix you can edit the chat file and remove the whole line containing the CFUN command. See if that helps.

The file is in the SDCARD folder, which you should be able to access if the tablet is attached to a desktop computer; you can also edit it "on board". The full location is:



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