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Hey Josh,

first of all: Thank you for your Work.
I have a problem to get internet connection with my combination (android car head unit + modem).

I think the main scope of the PPP Widget is the use with Car head Units.
There are new head unit models with new Hardware in the market which only can be rooted with "KingoRoot" - an app which root the device and install "Superuser".
As you stated in the FAQ

"There is reason to suspect that superuser apps other than "SuperSU" are not working properly. PPP Widget 2 is only tested with "SuperSU""

So what i did:
1. rooted my android Car head unit with "KingoRoot"
2. Installed "SuperSu"
3. Uninstalled "Superuser"
4. Installed "PPP Widget 3"

There was a prompt from "SuperSu" to Grant "PPP Widget3" root rights.
In the status bar of android is now a key symbol and the "PPP Widget 3" stated that is has connected successfully but i get no internet connection.

I will, as you adviced, install "Logcat" and post the log here.
It will be awsome if "PPP Widget 3" will be able to work in these new Android Car Head Units! :)

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USB Log:

Device manufacturer string: rockchip
Start search for USB devices
visible on Android OS level ...
Check device 0e8d:0002, interface 8, might be a modem
Check device 0e8d:0002, interface 2, might be a modem
Found possible 3G USB device 0e8d:0002
New device on /dev/bus/usb/003/021
Class of interface 0 is 0x08
Looking at USB device 0e8d:0002 with class 8
Device top dir: /sys/bus/usb/devices/3-1.1, active cfg: 1
Active configuration ID: 1
Device layout (config 1) - cl:00 sc:00 pr:00
if:0 as:0 - cl:08 sc:06 pr:50 - bi:81 bo:01

Found 0 serial ports
No dedicated modem port found
Preparing to switch mode of USB device 0e8d:0002 ...
Device info:
VID= 0e8d
PID= 0002
Manufact.= MediaTek Inc
Product= Product
Found matching configuration in collection: 0e8d.0002.uPr=Product
Wait for 200 ms
Bulk message 1: 555342431234567800000000000006f0010300000000000000000000000000
New device on /dev/bus/usb/003/022
Class of interface 0 is 0x02
Looking at USB device 0e8d:00a5 with class 2
Device top dir: /sys/bus/usb/devices/3-1.1, active cfg: 1
Active configuration ID: 1
Device layout (config 1) - cl:ef sc:02 pr:01
if:0 as:0 - cl:02 sc:0e pr:00 - ir:88
if:1 as:0 - cl:0a sc:00 pr:02 -
if:1 as:1 - cl:0a sc:00 pr:02 - bi:81 bo:01
if:2 as:0 - cl:ff sc:02 pr:01 - ir:87 bi:82 bo:02
if:3 as:0 - cl:ff sc:00 pr:00 - bi:83 bo:03
if:4 as:0 - cl:ff sc:00 pr:00 - bi:84 bo:04
if:5 as:0 - cl:ff sc:00 pr:00 - bi:85 bo:05
if:6 as:0 - cl:08 sc:06 pr:50 - bi:86 bo:06

Found 4 serial ports
Opening port type SERIAL

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PPP Log:

Starting modem command sequence ...
+CFUN: 1
CONNECT 42000000
Dialling complete

Now start PPP negotiation ...

Local IP:
Peer IP:

Send initial IP packet ...
First IP packet received - we are online
PPP negotiation finished
VPN setup complete
VPN network device is up
Network notification seems to have failed,
limited network access

Connection is ready

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pppwidget was never intended for Android Car Dashboard Head Units, it was made for tablets without
any other internet access apart from wifi.

Your Head Unit has already built in programs and drivers for 3G connection so you have two possibilities:

1. Find out yourself which the already built-in 3G programs are. Disable them because they conflict with pppwidget. You can use pppwidget after having done that.

2. Use the already built-in 3G programs, remove pppwidget.
Use only a modem that is listed on the Head Units compatibility list of modems (usually in the Owners Manual).


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