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by piashaw
01 Jun 2014, 19:30
Forum: Setup Discussion
Topic: Huawei E303 modes
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Re: Huawei E303 modes

On my E303 to go to fallback mode I had to use the following as the above didn't work for me sudo usb_modeswitch -v 0x12d1 -p 0x1f01 -n -I -M 55534243123456780000000000000011060000000000000000000000000000 without the -n -I, mine wouldn't switch form 1f01. I needed it to become 12d1:1001 to work as a...
by piashaw
31 May 2014, 23:01
Forum: Setup Discussion
Topic: CHanging configuration file for modem setup
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CHanging configuration file for modem setup

Hi I am using modeswitch 1.2.3 in a Pi environment with a Huawei E303 modem. Had many issues but ultimately by using the following (not certain exactly what all the flags do), it works. sudo usb_modeswitch -b2 -v 0x12d1 -p 0x1f01 -n -I -W -M 5553424312345678000000000000001106000000000000000000000000...