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Please add Huawei E3131 variant 12d1:15ca to modeswitch-data

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:11 am
by Mantas
Biggest Lithuanian operators sell another Huawei E3131 stick variant - ATTR{idProduct}=="15ca" (see )

Please support this USB modem - add this line to 40-usb_modeswitch.rules

ATTR{idVendor}=="12d1", ATTR{idProduct}=="15ca", RUN+="usb_modeswitch '%b/%k'"

Also add attached file to usb_modeswitch.d folder (contains the lines bellow):

# Huawei E3131 (Variant)
TargetVendor= 0x12d1

The same file is also available at
This configuration works fine - see ... comments/2
(additionally I've tested by myself).

Re: Please add Huawei E3131 variant 12d1:15ca to modeswitch-

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:09 pm
by Josh
Thanks for the hint! This will go into the next data package release.

The data on Ubuntu 12.04 is very old though. A lot of newer modems are not included ...