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Re: E8372h-608 disabling HiLink

Post by softice » 15 Dec 2018, 19:48

Hi there,

Great work Josh on the usb_modeswitch, a fantastic tool!!

I have a weird situation and hope somebody can help me.

I have two E3372h modems, both originally with HiLink firmware, but re-flashed with a "Stick Mode" firmware (that was before I realised I can use the --huawei-alt-mode on HiLink modems to get an ncm interface without any NAT - my main requirement).

If I put them into --huawei-new-mode, they both work fine, the kernel driver huawei_cdc_ncm gets loaded. The modems both go online without issue (ncm as well as ppp works fine).
However, as described in this thread, I would like to use --huawei-alt-mode instead, which allows me to apply the same code for my software for all type of modems including HiLink ones.
Changing both modems into --huawei-alt-mode works fine, interestingly however, they get registered with the cdc_ncm kernel driver (and not the huawei_cdc_ncm). But doesn't really matter.

Now, sending AT^NDISDUP=1,1,"apn" to /dev/ttyUSB2 works for both, the LED turns solid immediately.

E3372h-153 (Firmware gets the correct IP address from my carrier and assigns it to wwan0 immediately.
E3372h-607 (Firmware does not receive an IP address on the ncm interface (wwan0), it gets set to after a few seconds.

What is even more interesting, I can query AT^DHCP? via /dev/ttyUSB2 and get valid IP, netmask, gateway, dns1+2 information on both modems!
Setting all of that manually (via ifconfig, ip route, /etc/resolv.conf) works also fine on the E3372h-153, but not on my E3372h-607. I can't ping the outside world with that modem in the --huawei-alt-mode/ncm mode, nothing.

I even ran AT+CLAC to list all available AT commands, created a script and ran every single command on both modems and compared. I manually applied all significant differences to the non-working modem - no luck!

Any clue?


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Re: E8372h-608 disabling HiLink

Post by softice » 23 Jan 2019, 05:42

Upgrading the E3372h-607's firmware to 22.328.62.00.143_M_AT_05.10 fixed this issue.

It seems some older firmware versions don't support ncm mode properly.

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