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Vodafone K5161h (12d1:1591)

Post by LazZy » 02 Mar 2021, 07:43

Hello everybody!
I can't find subj in the list of devices. I'm a noob and I don't understand what I need to do.
Please help!

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Re: Vodafone K5161h (12d1:1591)

Post by Josh » 17 Apr 2021, 14:23

The easiest way is to copy an existing config file like "12d1:1583", put it in "/etc/usb_modeswitch.d" and change the name to "12d1:1591".

That should make the modem switch the next time you insert it. To check if it worked, either run the "dmesg" command line tool repeatedly or enable usb_modeswitch's logging in "/etc/usb_modeswitch.conf" (with a text editor).

Once you know the "target" USB ID you can adapt it in the "12d1:1591" file, by using a simple text editor.

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