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T-Mobile Speeedstick LTE III (Huawei 12d1:1506)

Post by stefan2014 » 08 Nov 2021, 16:25

As I didnt find any appropriate thread to continue ...

I got a quite antique T-Mobile Speedstick LTE III (Huawei 12d1:1506)
and after a while of muddling around with modeswitch and smstools, I was able to send an sms ;-)

But then I got IO ERRORs on the machine, IP stack was still there, but all services, and GUI, fell down (incl sshd) and I had to reboot the box the hard way.
It didnt come up again, until I removed the Speedstick.

So this thing is the definitive cause Ubuntu 18.04 (OK, it's a Mint Tricia :-p ) will hang after a while, and at startup.

Any idea if this is fixable?

( I mean, buying another LTE modem, yes ... but besides that? )

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