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Typo in usb_modeswitch.conf

Post by glorang » 24 Mar 2022, 17:22

For info, in usb_modeswitch.conf you can find:
# If the configuration for your Huawei modem uses the standard switching method,
# you can globally set an alternative method here which provides a different mode:
# either plain serial PPP (for older modems) or NCM which integrates nicely
# with recent Linux distributions, possibly avoiding configuration through a
# modem built-in web page. All other modems are not affected.
# Available as per-device parameter 'AltHuaweiMode'

But the correct parameter is HuaweiAltMode and not AltHuaweiMode. Apologies if it's nitpicking, it might save someone else 15 minutes of their time in the future.

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