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MediaTek/Medion S4222 issues on Raspi4 by warm reboot

Post by danger12 » 28 Aug 2022, 15:33

Hi to all,

I have a quite an odd issue on my Raspi4 with MediaTek/Medion S4222 dongle.

usb_modeswitch works properly when having a cold start and in case of hot plugging in and out the stick. However in case of a "warm" restart the usb_modeswitch does not work and the stick remains in "mass storage mode".

I tried quiet some things including calling usb_modeswitch manually with different parameters and so but without any success and running out of ideas. In case someone experienced similar issue I would be happy to get support because this is quite annoying on a headless remote unattend system.

Attached I had put the log file when it works (cold start) and when it not works (warm restart), maybe this is a bit of help.

Many thanks.
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