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New data package release 20160803

Post by Josh » 03 Aug 2016, 22:24

  • New devices: HP hs3110, HP hs3120, HP hs3114, HP hs4112, HP lt4225, HP lt4226, HP lt4227, HP lt4211, HP lt4110, HP lt4114, LG L-02A, Vodafone/Huawei R206 Router , Huawei ME906E, Huawei EM820W, Huawei MU733, Vodafone/Huawei R210 Router, Vodafone/Huawei R208 Router, Huawei ME936, Huawei ME906C, Huawei MU736, Huawei MU709s-2 Module, Vodafone/Huawei R206_MR Router, Vodafone/Huawei R207 Router, Vodafone/Huawei R215_MR Router, Anydata ADU-890WH, Axesstel MV210, Spreadtrum SC7702 (Variant), Vodafone/ZTE R203 Router, Vodafone/ZTE R203 Router, Vodafone/ZTE K4201-z, Vodafone/ZTE R212 Router, Vodafone/ZTE R206-z Router, Vodafone/ZTE R209-z Router, ZTE MF730, Micromax MMX400R/4G Systems XSBOXGO, D-Link DWM-157 C1, Venus VT-18, Zoom 3G, BlueLink BL-EV08C
  • Corrected/appended: MU-Q110, Yota Router (Quanta 1QDLZZZ0ST2), AVM Fritz!Wlan USB Stick N v2, AVM Fritz!Wlan USB Stick N, Celot K-300 a.o., D-Link DWM-156 HSUPA 3.75G a.o., LG AD600, Huawei E173s, SpeedUp SU-8000 a.o., Telenet 3G dongle a.o., Tata Photon+, Olive VME102
  • Removed devices (handled by kernel): Ericsson F5521gw, Ericsson F5521gw (Variant)
  • Changes in Makefile to align with Debian packaging requirements
  • Updates to "gen-rules.tcl"
  • "NoDriverLoading" parameter removed from all configs - this time for real ...
Annother big thank-you to Lars Melin for researching and compiling virtually all new device configurations and corrections!

Download it from the USB_ModeSwitch main page.