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New release version 2.5.0

Post by Josh » 18 Jan 2017, 00:29

New in 2.5.0:
  • ATTENTION: Parameter transmitted from udev now reduced to %k (kernel name), however, rules file parameters can be '%b/%k' or '%k' - this fixes issues with parameter handling by the systemd unit file
  • removed endpoint reset ahead of bulk message transmission, only reset if endpoints are actually stalled, helping with quirky device behaviour (see ... f=2&t=2582 )
  • stability fix by making a buffer in the config parser static, preventing problems seen in Fedora (thanks to Lubomir Rintel for patches and hints regarding the three previous issues)
  • removed premature driver unbinding in wrapper which could disrupt certain devices already in target mode
    (reported by Aleksander Morgado, also Fedora bug #1373274)
  • improved check for determining install mode (essential with generic config files present, e.g. 12d1:#linux)
Download it from the USB_ModeSwitch main page.