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USB driver lost

Post by dumindu » 15 Aug 2019, 05:27

please help me to fix this

dongle model:-Huawei E3531-1
I try use that dongle in:-Huawei mediapad t1701u

usb log:-

14 Aug 2019 18:43:15

Device manufacturer string: HUAWEI
Total RAM: 996 MB. Available RAM: 719MB

New device on /dev/bus/usb/001/008
Class of interface 0 is 0xFF
Looking at USB device 12d1:1506 with class 255
Device top dir: /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-1, active cfg: 1
Device layout (config 1) - cl:00 sc:00 pr:00
if:0 as:0 - cl:ff sc:03 pr:10 - ir:82 bi:81 bo:01
if:1 as:0 - cl:ff sc:03 pr:12 - bi:83 bo:02
if:2 as:0 - cl:ff sc:03 pr:16 - ir:85
if:2 as:1 - cl:ff sc:03 pr:16 - ir:85 bi:84 bo:03
if:3 as:0 - cl:08 sc:06 pr:50 - bi:86 bo:04
if:4 as:0 - cl:08 sc:06 pr:50 - bi:87 bo:05

Found 3 serial ports
No dedicated modem port found
The number of undefined serial ports is 3;
if automatic pick doesn't work, try others
See config option "Manual port selection"
Port 0 has type SER_DIAG
Port 1 has type SER_DIAG
Port 2 has type SER_DIAG
USB driver lost!
Aborting modem initialization

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Re: USB driver lost

Post by LOM » 15 Aug 2019, 06:53

The meditab can not provide enough power on the usb port to drive an E3531, you need to power the modem separately.
Easiest way is to put a separately powered usb hub between mediatab and modem.

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