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Connection is lost randomly (and interesting tests)

Post by ojuniour » 07 Nov 2019, 09:37

So every now and then..sometimes few minutes or more more..the connection would be lost (but of course the widget still indicates that it's connected ) But it isn't.
I usually tell by checking the notification bar to see if the VPN icon still shows. Maybe something is closing the VPN created by ppp (I don't know).
Now another interesting test... I can produce EXACT same issue by just running speedtest using the speedtest app. The connection ALWAYS drop especially after the download test and right before the upload test or sometimes after both tests.
The VPN would close and the only way is to either force stop ppp3 widget or remove the modem and plug it back in..
Any Idea what might be the issue? Power is definitely eliminated since i'm using y cable to provide enough power.

I am suing Huawei E397 on the new android Joying stereo with the intel chip..
This unit also comes with sim card but the frequency is not fully supported on my network hence the use of PPP widget.

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