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Cannot Update configuration page???

Post by mitspain » 14 Dec 2020, 02:41

Any ideas why the configuration page in PPP 3 would be blank and read only?

I am using an FTE MF833V USB modem with an android 10 car head-unit. I have given PPP root through magisk and it can kind of connnect???

It is very slow, and probably not using the intended LTE network(google fi). Given time, it will slowly update a page. But all apps show as offline. Additionally, the modem website can't be reached.

The configuration page seems to be read-only, and is blank. When I click into the empty fields, to set the APN or the Account name, nothing happens.

Thank you for your help on this!

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Re: Cannot Update configuration page???

Post by LOM » 14 Dec 2020, 16:58

ppp widget is not made for Android devices which has their own built-in support for mobile broadband usb dongles, it is intended for phones and tablets with an usb port but without built-in mobile broadband.
The built-in support in your car head-unit collides with ppp widget.
Use a dongle supported by the car head-unit and uninstall ppp widget.

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