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Feedback with Sierra Wireless EM7305 + Android 7.1 x86

Post by SnarlingFox » 14 Mar 2021, 21:00

Hi folks, just posting some feedback from using PPP Widget 3 on an x86_64 laptop with Android x86 7.1-RC5 and a Sierra Wireless EM7305 aka Dell DW5809e LTE 4G M.2 modem ( ... es/em7305/).

The widget mostly works well (and the connection is fast, I've seen 80+ Mbit downloads), however there are a few minor issues;
  • Sometimes it doesn't detect the modem - rebooting fixes this
  • Sometimes the widget gets stuck in connecting and you can't abort - rebooting also fixes this
  • The first connection does not work, there is no network throughput, clicking disconnect and reconnect again fixes this
  • If I leave the modem disconnected, after 10-15 mins I get a pop up asking to type my SIM card pin in.. my SIM is not pin protected but does have a default pin, typing this in does not work (and the retries counter does not go down) - clicking connect sometimes fixes this, otherwise (you've guessed it), a reboot fixes it temporarily
  • The connection will randomly disconnect, despite being a strong signal area, I don't know if this is the widgets fault
  • Automatic connect (and automatic reconnect) is broken badly, the app gets stuck in a loop, I have to clear all app data and cache to fix this
A couple of features I think would benefit the widget;
  1. When a user has clicked connect, have the widget ping something periodically to ascertain connectivity and auto-reconnect if there is no connectivity - don't just wait for the connection to die
  2. Add a better handling for bugged / stuck auto-reconnects so that we can abort it if there is a problem and change settings accordingly - perhaps the widget could detect 5 connect failures in a 10 second window and automatically abort?
  3. Add more text to the widget where it says "Connected" such as signal strength in percent, latency of the ping in suggestion #1 etc
  4. In the configuration menu, add the ability to add a call to a custom initialization shell script so we can write our own custom modem init scripts (particularly those requiring tinkering with Kernel modules to get it to work)
In an case, thank you to Josh and anyone else who helped develop this widget, even with these minor flaws it is immensely helpful :D

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Re: Feedback with Sierra Wireless EM7305 + Android 7.1 x86

Post by Stevox » 30 Sep 2021, 16:23


I'm already trying to get Adnroid x86 fully running on a Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet.
It as the same builtn Dell 5809e/EM7305 modem.
Regarding the USB Log, it seems that it is deteting the modem as a possible 4G modem but can not connect to it.
I've already tried several settings, but I can't get it working.
Also the older ppp widget 2 does not even load.

How did you get the ppp widget working with that modem?
What do I have to do?
Thank you!

Kind regards frpm Autria,

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