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PPP widget 3 - android-x86 version 9 64 bits, huawei E3531 - error with certificate

Post by scti » 29 Jun 2022, 23:46

I have installed PPP Widget 3 from google play on android-x86 and worked with the usb modem Huawei E3531.
But when I installed version 9, after installing it, and clicking on it, it returned an error of certificate, telling me to reboot. After rebooting returned the same error, and it kept searching for settings, never asking to allow super use or returned the message modem not found. I didn't connect the modem.

I have uninstalled it, installed again, rebooted, and clicked and returned the same error message.
Android has a list of several certificates, but I don't know which one is.

I couldn't find any similar issue online.

Can someone please provide help or send me a link for the issue.
Thank you

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