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I have embedded arm custom board with yocto linux, when system is booting with inserted usb modem huawei 3531 HiLink, modem
is not switched because usb_modeswitch_dispatcher got SIGABRT. After removed and insert modem again it is switching.
I modified file 12d1:1f01 and switch it with message 55534243123456780000000000000011063000000100010000000000000000.

Strace log attached.
trace_um_abort.log [11.42 KiB]
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usb_modeswitch 2.2.0 is 5 years old, there has been 11 update releases since then.
Get back if you have any problems with the current version which is 2.5.2 and which you can find here

Oh, and please tell the maintainers of yacto linux that they are way behind and should update the version of usb_modeswitch they are using.

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I updated to newest version 2.5.2 and I have the same problem. Logs only show:
USB_ModeSwitch log from Wed May  08 10:33:54 UTC 2019
trace_um_2.5.2.log [7.41 KiB]
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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 11:09 pm Reply with quote
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The usb_modeswitch_dispatcher can be one of these:

- pure TCL script, started with tclsh, a TCL interpreter
- TCL script wrapped with a small-footprint interpreter, so runs stand-alone
- Ubuntu fork of the script version, implemented in C

You would have to find out which variant is used in Yocto. Can you point to a source package or something in that respect? Maybe you can ask the Yocto community for help about finding it.


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